Crystal Royal's Naomi has a very special place in all of our hearts. This beautiful girl is the poster cria for all of our advertisments as well as named after our first Great Pyrnes. Of course an alpaca as cute as this could have only come from the Crystal Ariana and Snowmass Royal Gold XX combination. We don't think it's possible for them to create anything other than adorable.


Noami has a great compact body, with a beautiful full head. She has staple length unlike anything we have ever seen before! With her incredible staple length, also comes incredible fineness and consistency throughout her whole body. 


Fiber Statistics: 


SD: 4.5 mic

SF: 18.7 mic

CV: 24.3%

CF: 97.8%



SD: 5.2 mic

SF: 21.9 mic

CV: 23.8%

CF: 92.4%

Crystal Royal's Naomi

Color: Light Fawn
  • Birthdate: 7/2/2016
    Registration: ARI Registered
    ARI #: 35079071