Born on 9-19-2019, it only seemed fitting to name her Nueve with all those 9’s in there! She was also another bottle baby for several months because her mother didn’t produce enough milk to sustain her. Since she was fed the bottle, she has become very comfortable around people and is one of those alpacas that is very curious to come give you a sniff and a kiss. Don’t let that fool you though, she also has spunk! That is to be expected since her Great-Grand dam came in from Peru on the last importation, so she has a little more “wild” running through her veins. Nueve is a gorgeous chocolate brown alpaca, with solid genetics. On her sire’s side she has Snowmass XXXtreme Legacy XXX and Crystal Spartan, and on her dams side she has Snowmass Royal Challenger and Peruvian Micay. She will steal your heart when you meet her!

Crystal Nueve

Color: Dark Brown