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© 2003 by Crystal Lake Alpaca Farm.

Hard to beileve but Snowmass Velvet Mistress and Snowmass Royal Gold XX did it again.... they gave us ANOTHER BLACK, this time a female! We never would have guessed that two fawns would give us a true black with no black in their background, but they have done it twice now! Eclipse is a GORGEOUS black girl with everything you would want in a black female. She has nice tight crimp, that is consistent from front to back and lots of density! When it rains she doesn't even get wet down towards the skin! Eclipse had a pretty hard start to life, but nothing a little extra tender, love, and care that couldn't help. Eclipse had to be bottle fed from the very beginning so we have made quite the bond with her. That bond has turned her into a little love bug, and if you see a black alpaca along our fence looking for attention it is most likely her... she loves people! We are excited to see what she is going to do in the show ring this year! 

Crystal Royal Gold's Eclipse