Meet Snowmass Golden Bridge, son of Snowmass Best Man, as well as Grandson to Snowmass Quechua. Snowmass Quechua was just named in the 2020 American Alpaca Journal as “without question the most influential American-born Huacaya sire produced to date. Snowmass Quechua’s descendants continue to lead the advancement of the breed in the U.S.” That statement has proven to be true for Golden Bridge, descendent to Snowmass Quechua.


We were lucky enough to acquire Golden Bridge at the 2014 Futurity show. This male caught our eye right away with his macho presence. Then we sunk our hands into him and fell in love. Snowmass Golden Bridge has a beautiful fleece that exudes brightness and fineness with the prefect crimp structure. It was the density on this boy that really made us happy though! We were looking for a male to compliment our Spartan females who were extremely fine but lacking in the density category and Golden Bridge seemed to fit the ticket.


Around the same time we also acquired another male, Snowmass Royal Gold XX, who also displayed amazing density and fineness. For a small breeding farm we had to make a tough decision and only put Golden Bridge on a couple of our females. Golden Bridge and Royal Gold are both related so we have found it hard to give him any breeding’s. We were able to breed him to other farms and he has had eight offspring on the ground. His offspring are doing wonders in the show ring and are proving to be potent animals in the industry.


Don’t miss your GOLDEN opportunity to add some impressive genetics into your breeding program!

Snowmass Golden Bridge

Color: Medium Fawn
  • Birthdate: 10/9/2011
    Registration: ARI Registered
    ARI #: 32350203


4907 River Road Frankfort, MI 49635

Phone: 231-920-7085



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